​Black Boys Dance Too was founded by Elijah Avraham on the principles that black men and all men, specifically of color have the right to be appreciated and respected in the global arts community. BBDT is a dance brand based on collectively bringing the best dancers from your favorite dance companies together to highlight our individuality as artists. Our mission is to inspire the future, encourage audiences and uplift souls to feel freedom of expression without judgement. 


We at BLACK BOYS DANCE TOO are geared to connect the outside world to the world of dance - focusing on the success of black men and uniting to keep black culture alive. Our non-profit organization is a platform for men of color to showcase their artistry, uplift audiences, and educate others in their artistic expression through live dance entertainment, media, illustrations and creative writing. We are an arts community that connects the aspiring artist with the experienced professional through networking events, an online forum,and unlimited access to your favorite dance pictures and videos.​

"We are bringing the unity back to dance! It's not about being competitive, but it's about being your best self. Uplift. Stregnthen. Empower."

- Elijah Avraham, Artistic Director